Frequently Asked Questions

Things we get asked often:


Do you BUY stuff?

We do a very limited amount of buying from the public, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you have some photos or a description of your items you can email, we'd be happy to take a look and let you know if it's something we're interested in. Or you can call us, 781-293-4411.  

**PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't walk in with items to sell without pre-arranging a time/day**

Do you CONSIGN stuff?

We do offer some consignment services, generally only on furniture or a large volume of items - Please follow the recommendations in the  Do you BUY stuff section, and then if your items are of interest to us, we will work with you to determine if consignment or selling outright is the right solution for you.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept cash, checks, American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Discover and all debit Cards.

What is your HOLD Policy?

We offer Same & Next Day holds ONLY, just phone or email to let us know when you're coming and the item you want. All holds expire at 5PM on the Next Day, NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE.


Yes! Delivery Fees vary based on location, and we can accommodate several pieces for the same flat 

fee. Generally Limited to the South Shore Area and requires assistance in moving the furniture on your end as there is just one delivery person.


We gladly ship small items, but  unfortunately are not set up to ship furniture.

Can I RETURN it?

All sales are FINAL, no returns or exchanges please. 

How much is My (insert item) Worth?

We are not Professional Appraisers; we just know what we like, and what it will sell for at Salvage Chic. This doesn't mean you might not see a higher price for your item on eBay, at Brimfield, or in another shop. And remember - just because we might not want to buy your item does not mean it's not worth anything; it just means it doesn't fit in our niche of the market.

Why are your prices SO LOW?

We strive to price our items fairly and to sell, which ensures a high turnover and fresh inventory each time you visit. No shopkeeper wants to own a museum!!

Why are your prices SO HIGH?

(We actually get this one from time to time...) There are a lot of Overhead Expenses involved in running a shop. So while you might find a similar item 'for 2 dollars at a yard sale', why battle those Early 

Birds when us folks at Salvage Chic have done the work for you, and then lovingly paid rent to house the item until you found it, where it was fabulously merchandised in a well-lit and heated/cooled showroom!!